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Repairs While-U-Wait in Ottawa

Accidents can happen. Even with the best care and attention, we can never be sure when or where these will occur. It is a common occurrence for dentures to crack due to a fall or injury if the impact is strong enough. They will also need to be strengthened over time, as everyday wear and tissue development will require alterations to ensure a proper fit. Ottawa based Sean Denture and Implant Center provides professional and attentive service for partial and complete denture repair. Ottawa patients in need of an emergency repair can be confident in our efficiency. We can complete the majority of repairs within an hour in our laboratory, using modern technology and keeping to our consistent levels of quality.

Do not hesitate to call us in an emergency, whether it is to book an emergency consultation, request an appointment, or to request service at a senior/adult care home. We take pride in ensuring our patients receive the service that best aligns with their health needs. Regardless of your case, your denturist in Ottawa will strive to find you the most convenient and lasting solution that we can.

If you need repairs for your prosthesis, we can help you with it. This includes treatments such as:

• Repairing and strengthening fractured dentures

• Removing stains and administering additional cleaning

• Replacing chipped or missing teeth on dentures

• Re-polishing your dentures to help restore it to a more natural aesthetic

As part of our service, our Ottawa denturist provides both emergency and non-emergency on-site services to various senior and adult care homes. Please call to arrange a scheduling prior to your desired visit. Also, please note that accident and insurance claims are also part of our regular services, so we will be glad to help you navigate and submit your insurance. Click here to request your appointment. At Sean Denture & Implant Center, we are here for your denture repair. Ottawa patients can be confident in our services. 


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