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There are two different types of denture relines commonly available: hard relines, and soft relines. Your particular need is based on your type of dentures. Ottawa based Sean Denture & Implant Center can advise you of the most suitable type based on your needs. 

Both types of relines can be performed in our Ottawa denturist office, either chairside or within a laboratory. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method so it is important to make sure that your choice is right for you. Since your bones and gums can change or shrink over time, a dental reline is often necessary to keep your denture fitting well and to prevent the dental ridges from “shrinking” more rapidly. To service the health of your gums and try to give your dentures a comfortable fit, we advise you to keep up its care and to visit us regularly, asking any questions you may have. Your denturist in Ottawa is here to help you get the most out of your dental appliance.

Hard Relines

If you need to treat your teeth in a day, some of the newer hard relines can be performed chairside during your appointment while still producing the necessary results. During the chairside reline, the material is treated at the time of the procedure. However, due to the nature of the material used, this method is not considered as accurate or long-lasting as a laboratory reline.

Laboratory Reline

A laboratory reline is still a widely popular type of reline. The procedure can be done with accuracy and better reproduce the natural aesthetic and durability of your mouth than chairside relines. During the procedure, the plastic is processed and cured in the laboratory using the same curing process as the original denture. The main disadvantage of a laboratory reline is that you will not have your denture during the laboratory phase.

Soft Relines

A soft reline can either be performed at the lab or chairside. However, it is important to note that neither option is considered to last as long as a hard reline. However, during a soft reline, a laboratory reline is generally more effective than a chairside one.

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