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Immediate Dentures in Ottawa

When you know you need tooth extractions, it can be scary to think about going without teeth during the healing process. At Sean Denture and Implant Center, we offer immediate dentures to help you maintain your smile's appearance and function while you heal after extracting most or all of your teeth.

Our experienced team proudly crafts all our dentures in-house, allowing for swift treatment times with dentures that fit comfortably and seamlessly restore your smile. With our personalized care and attention to detail, you can trust us to guide you through every step of the process. If you're looking for an office that offers quality same-day dentures in Ottawa, you can trust our practice. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!


What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a type of dental prosthesis designed to be placed immediately after your natural teeth have been removed. We prepare your same-day dentures in advance based on impressions taken before your teeth are extracted so you can receive them at the same time as your procedure. This means you won't have to go without teeth during the healing period. Immediate dentures offer several benefits, such as:

  • Preserving your appearance and ability to speak normally
  • Protecting your gums during the healing process
  • Helping to minimize gum bleeding
  • Allowing you to have a functional smile on the same day as your extraction

Types of Immediate Dentures

Depending on your unique situation, your immediate dentures could be temporary or your final prosthetic. Most often, a transitional denture is given until you are fully healed, at which point we can craft your final set of dentures. The two most common types of immediate dentures include:

  • Full dentures replace all of your teeth in one or both dental arches. We craft these dentures to fit the entire gum ridge, helping maintain facial structure and chewing function while your gums heal.
  • Partial dentures are designed to fill in gaps left by missing teeth when you have some remaining natural teeth. They typically have metal or acrylic clasps that use the remaining natural teeth for stability.

Our Same-Day Dentures Process

We strive to make getting your immediate dentures as smooth as possible. During your initial appointment, we'll discuss your oral health, the need for extractions, and your goals for tooth replacement to develop a personalized treatment plan. We will then take detailed impressions of your smile to create custom-fitted immediate dentures that fit comfortably and securely.

We work closely with a partner in our group to perform any necessary tooth extractions. Once your extractions are complete, we will fit you with your same-day dentures. You can rest assured that we do everything we can to ensure they are comfortable and feel natural so you have a functional smile immediately after your extractions.

Benefits of Our In-House Denture Lab

We are proud to craft all our dentures in-house, so we can take care of all your denture needs swiftly and efficiently. If at any point your immediate dentures need a relining or repair while your gums are still healing, we can help. As your gums heal and stabilize, we work with you to transition from your immediate dentures to a more permanent solution without the waiting period or hassle of working with an outside denture lab.

FAQs About Immediate Dentures

If you're facing tooth extraction, it's natural to be concerned about the transition period and have questions about immediate dentures. Our team is here to help you feel confident in your care and be by your side throughout the process. Some common questions our team receives include:

How long do immediate dentures last?

Most of the time, immediate dentures are designed to be a temporary solution to replace missing teeth while your gums heal. During the first few months after tooth extraction, your gums will likely undergo significant changes in shape and size. Once they are healed, usually after 3-6 months, we can begin to transition to a more permanent solution.

Many patients experience initial discomfort with their same-day dentures, but this is often temporary. You can expect an adjustment period as your gums begin to heal. If your immediate dentures continue to cause discomfort and make it difficult to have a functional smile, our team can help adjust them.

Clean your immediate dentures regularly as directed by our denturist, and avoid particularly hard, crunchy, or sticky foods to avoid damaging the dentures or your gums. Additionally, it's important to maintain good oral health while your gums heal.

Reliable Same-Day Dentures in Ottawa

You deserve a beautiful and functional smile, even when you're waiting on a final pair of full or partial dentures. At Sean Denture and Implant Center, we are passionate about providing you with same-day dentures so you have one less thing to worry about with tooth extractions. With our immediate dentures in Ottawa, you can trust that the transition process from teeth extraction to final dentures will be as seamless and comfortable as possible. Learn more about our immediate dentures by scheduling an appointment with us today!



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