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Partial Dentures

Your Ottawa denturist uses partial dentures as an option in cases where there are some missing teeth but there is no need to extract more. This can be a popular option with patients that would like to keep more of their natural teeth because they are in good health and stability. A common cause for patients wanting partial dentures is when extractions are the result of an accident or injury. Partial dentures can be used to fill in gaps and replace teeth, sitting in place over the gum and receiving support from surrounding teeth and metal frameworks.

This denture type is also called a removable prosthesis as it is used to hold the artificial replacement teeth in the mouth and fit over the gums. The prosthesis is kept in place by clasps which are thin structures, usually made of a special resilient metal alloy or sometimes will contain plastics like acrylic. These clasps rest upon, and wrap around, the remaining natural teeth. The clasps keep the prosthesis securely in place but still allow a person to remove it for regular cleaning and proper brushing of your remaining natural teeth. Our Ottawa denturist will show you how to properly clean and care for your prosthesis. The denture itself is typically made out of acrylic, vitallium, or chrome. These materials help ensure the structural durability of the dentures. Ottawa practice Sean Denture & Implant Center is here to provide guidance and advice on partial dentures.

Reasons for having partial dentures made:

• Replace missing teeth lost through accident, injury, or decay

• Improve ability to chew more naturally when missing teeth

• Aid in the preservation of your remaining natural teeth

• Help prevent or treat problems of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

• Improve ability to speak, chew, and breathe when dental issues restrict these abilities If you are looking for a provider of partial dentures in Ottawacontact Sean Denture & Implant Center. We also offer services to assist our patients in navigating and submitting their insurance.

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